Inner Transition and the middle bit of change

Many books, workshops and talks addressing global issues focus on either of two main areas. The first involves describing the problem, raising awareness of the issues we face by looking at the facts and images that tell how bad things are. The other is naming the practical action we need take, often supporting this with inspiring examples and lists of digestible bite sized steps. While both these foci are essential, there's a whole journey that happens between knowing about a problem and doing something to address it. The middle bit of change looks at what goes on between awareness and action, exploring what can help bring out our most inspired responses and also identifying what can block this.

Inner transition is to do with this middle bit of change. It includes looking at how we strengthen our capacity and motivation to act for our world. Facilitation skills help us work with this inner dimension of change, touching into our visioning capability and the energy of our emotional responses.

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